Brome Gas Heating and Plumbing Services

Company Mission

As Gas Safe Registered Engineers we are highly trained and by law have the obligation and duty of care to identify anything potentially dangerous relating to your gas appliances that may cause concern to life and property, Our aim is to insurer that no potential or immediate danger comes your way without causing any inconveniences to your day to day lives.
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Customer Service 

The relationship with our client is very important to us and is at the for front of our business, from point of contact to giving a eta ,showing ID badge at the door ,wearing overshoes and applying dust sheets where applicable in work spaces to protect your home.

On the Job
Our services comes second to none by going that extra mile we endeavour to go through a series of check-in processes to insure that you are happy with the level of service and keeping your wishes in mind during the time of the job that is taking place.

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Why Choose us

Because we care and tick all the right boxes.

  • Safe.
  • Highly Experiences.
  • Professionalism.
  • Quality and Innovation, Trust and Integrity. 
  • Gas Safe Registered. 
  • Domestic and commercial clients. 
  • Fully Insured dfor peice of mind.
  • Friendly, reliable company.
  • Prompt and efficient service. 
  • Emeregecy call out.
  • Saftey. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Your well-being and that of other household members at your property is our priority while carrying out any work and/or appliance inspections. So that you and our employees stay safe, where appropriate, our engineers will use PPE that meets Government and Health and Safety Executive guidelines. A risk assessment that is specific to your situation will be carried out prior to entering your property, which will determine the appropriate PPE to be worn, for example, gloves, face coverings.

You should always check with your manufacturer, but usually your first boiler service must be conducted 12 months after installation in order to meet the terms of your warranty. It should then be serviced every 12 months on an ongoing basis after this. Brome gas are committed to keeping you safe and for peace of mind, you will be placed on our digital automatic reminder every year so you will never miss out on that all important annual service on your boiler and other gas appliances with in the property.

A boiler service should take at least 30 minutes but the time will vary depending on the brand and model,open flued boilers in particular such as back boilers and warm air units can take longer due to more vigorous safety check that involves stringent checks on flueing and ventilation.

Landlords have a duty of care to their tenants’ to make their properties gas safe by obtaining a Gas safety certificate (CP12) every 12 months, at Brome Gas we can produce your certificate quickly and efficiently to you and your tenant via your smart phone,PC,iPad or tablet direct to your email address.

Typically, you’d expect the lifespan of a boiler to be in the region of 10-15 years. This can be less for unreliable brands, and those with incredibly short warranties. This lifespan applies to all fuel types such as oil, lpg and gas, as well as all types including combi, system and regular boilers.

When looking to install a new boiler, it can be tough to get past the jargon and find the type of boiler best suited to your home. If you’re living in a smaller home then a Combi boiler will be perfectly suited to your heating and hot water demands but recent regulations state that it has to be condensing too. So, how can a boiler be both a Combi and condensing unit?

Well, just because a boiler is condensing doesn’t mean that it stops being a Combi boiler, Combi ,regular and system boilers from new are now known as condensing boilers.

As boilers work to heat your home, waste gases are produced which are then emitted out into the atmosphere. These waste gases carry heat which is then lost, so your home isn’t benefiting from some of the heat being generated by your boiler. To combat this and get your boiler performing more efficiently,condensing boilers are fitted with 2 internal heat exchangers to ensure that less heat is lost. Thanks to this, the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard and uses less energy.

Compared to a non-condensing unit, condensing boilers use less fuel and power while producing fewer CO2 emissions.

If your boiler has already cost you quite a bit of money in repairs, it might be time to think about replacing. This might sound obvious, but if you’re forking out £200 – £350 or even more on repairs each time, it’s probably going to end up costing you more than its worth.

This isn’t always the case, though. Sometimes you might be lucky, and pay around £70 for a new part that will help the boiler last another three or four years. It does happen. So if you’ve had a couple of these less expensive repairs, and we think your boiler might just be fine for a while longer, you can take that chance.